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Image and video hosting by TinyPicTidak all CD-ROM problems caused by the driver itself, many problems originating from the CDs that are used. Here are Many diagnostic that must be examined before considering the more serious problems. Disc Not Detected. Is the main indication to estimate whether the CD-ROM to function or not. To see if the drive can read CD, insert the CD and see the flame (LED) small front drive. LED light blink a few times indicating that the CD works. If the light does not exist, then chances are the drive can not read the CD-ROM. (But it could have damaged the LED, so no lights). Can also check the status of the disk in Windows 98 and Windows NT by double-click the My Computer icon, the possibility of programs that communicate the CD-ROM drive and Windows does not work properly. But if the CD-ROM drive appears, double-click the icon. If you see an error message, the drive can not read the disc properly. Use the following insruksi for handling the problem.
[1]. One Insert the CD. Error insert the CD-ROM is a dick so probel umum.Meletakkan mold side is always on top. On most drives, you need to concentrate the CD in the indentation on the drive tray. For some drives, especially notebook computers-pressing need to correct a hole in the center of the CD-ROM through the circle on the drive tray.
[2]. CD Gross. Disks are always coated scratch, hands, dust or other substances will not work properly, because the dirt will interfere with the reading of the drive mechanism. Dirty or scratched disc will not work perfectly, although it can not be uniform. You can clean the CD with a clean dry cloth. If you expect dirt caused by the problem of CD-ROM drive, try inserting the disk that the disk berbeda.Adakalanya imperfect curved and thus causing no work at all.
[3]. CD Not Available. If the drive is showing disk read correctly, but can not access data, check the disk is inserted in drive.Bisa so either insert the CD, for example, insert an audio CD while you mean the CD program.
[4]. Autoplay disabled. By default, Windows automatically runs when you insert the CD into the CD-ROM. If the CD does not automatically start, could be detting aotuplay dead. Click Start, Settings, Control Panel. Double-click the system icon Click the Device Manager, and the plus sign icon (+) on CD-ROM option left. Select CD-ROM Drive, click the Properties button. Click the Auto Insert Notification city. Click the OK button on the second window that opens. Restart the computer to access the settings baru.Untuk some CD-ROM may still not start automatically. You can run the CD in the elderly that is double-click the drive icon in My Computer, then double click the program file is needed.
[5]. Software problem. CD-ROM software problem usually starts with the drivers. If the driver becomes damaged (corrupted) or by being accidentally erased, the window can not communicate with the drive. This causes the CD-ROM can not be operated. You can check the status of the driver with double-click System icon in Control Panel. Click the plus sign (+) next to CD-ROM option. If you have a driver that is corrupt, you'll see a yellow triangle with potential Exclamation next to the drive. If the CD-ROM does not work because the drive is bad, to reinstall the drive becomes complicated, because most new computer drives are stored on CD-ROM. If using Win 98, you boot your PC using the startup floppy. Can choose an option to run a computer with CD-ROM support. Win98 will then load the basic drivers for CD ROM drives, which provide access to the drive. Insert the installation CD-ROM and load the Win 98 CD-ROM drivers from the disk.
[6]. Problem Hardware CD-ROM. Unfortunately, we rarely can handle alone most of the problems of CD-ROM hardware. Not easy to fix the components in the drive. If your drive bokar, so you can not get a warranty. When facing a hardware problem, it is better taken to a handyman service that is more aware of the damage. Here are some hardware problems which could possibly occur.
[1]. Less Good perfomance. Some components in the CD-ROM drive can be damaged, because the performance is not reliable. If you sometimes have to insert the CD two or more times before the system read, you can deal with little problems. Smoke or dirt that coats the lens or prism in the drive, cause unfavorable perfomance. Part worn disc player, causing the disk spinning slowly. Most of the CD-ROM disk in place gripping combination with a magnetic rubber ring. If the circle rubber coated by dust or dirt, then grip the disc can not be quite tight, causing the slip when the disk spinning and the drive will not be able to read properly.
[2]. Component Failure. If the drive is a bit "confused" response, it may be a connection or a power cable to the computer having problems. To examine this problem open the PC's case, make sure all the connections a CD-ROM to board sircuit installed properly.
[3]. New Drive Letter. If you install a second hard drive or partition the existing hard drive, marking a drive letter to CD-ROM drive letter in length. Mereinsatall need these programs.
[4]. Drive Can not Open / Close. Bend or break the CD-ROM drive tray, can solve the shut down process is not smooth or does not work at all. If membeturkan drive tray when opened. Could cause the tray is locked and can not be closed. To prevent this, always keep the CD-ROM tray to remain closed when not in use to swap the disc (closed tray also reduces the chance of dirt entering the part in the drive). On some computers, the button that controls the CD-ROM tray can be in one panel with two buttons on the panel exterior. If the outer button is worn out and could not longer open the drive tray by inserting a pin or a piece of paper in a small hole in the face of the CD-ROM drive. If the tray does not close, make sure there is not nothing that prop tray, such as inserting the disc incorrectly. Do not give hard pressure when closing the driver CD-ROM tray and avoid closing the tray when the computer is off, can damage the components inside the drive. Drive tray should be covered with a soft pressure ...
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