How it Works CRT Monitor

In this session I will try to explain the workings of CRT monitors. CRT MONITOR HOW Electricity from PLN 220v transformed by the power supply into voltage according to the needs of the circuit, among others: 1. horizontal 2. vertical 3. video block 4. ic block the program and the controller 5. etc.. And the power supply is very important because if there is damage in this section, the monitor will not work normally, even to die. Input is from a VGA monitor or other reply. Image signal from the VGA is then received by the circuit and the circuit SYNCRONISASI VIDEO BLOCK HORIZONTAL and VERTICAL. The incoming signal into a video block is a signal of red, green and blue or green Red and Blue, so a series of VIDEO often called RGB block. so this video blocks just to process color only. result of this block is to go to the cathode tube which is also divided into 3 colors: R, G and B. cathode is its function to produce electrons, so each cathode to produce electrons.
Syncronisasi signal vertical and horizontal in the process by rangkain syncronisasi to then be forwarded to
HORIZONTAL and VERTICAL series circuit. sincronisasi circuit function is to process and produce images, so if the signal is missing one of the monitor screen will look like scrambled. so there are two who work for the first part of the monitor turns on and works normally ie
1. block the video and
2. syncronisasi block vertical and horizontal
Then the vertical syncronisasi forwarded to the vertical circuit, here the vertical signal is processed with the major components that function IC VERTICAL yoke moves vertically.
Then the horizontal syncronisasi forwarded to a series of horizontal and horizontal signal here though with the main component that serves to move the horizontal transistor flyback and yoke tube.
Flyback used to produce very high voltage that is about 26 KV, so that electrons from the cathode to the anode tube can shoot the tube so that the image appears. so if the flyback is not working then the electrons will not shoot and the monitor turns off.
Yoke is used to direct the reply generated by the cathode electron tubes for directional well, horizontal yoke to direct electrons toward the horizontal and vertical yoke for directing electrons into the vertical direction, and if both are combined it will shoot electrons to the anode tube evenly and perfectly.
Then the last one is a series of controller / driver circuit which serves to adjust the monitor settings, wide and narrow and high and low brightness.
OK so some explanations about the workings of the monitor .......

Hopefully Useful ......

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