Batteries for Mobile / Laptop Long Lasting

In conditions that are very important and necessary communication with family or friends, now people must choose a phone or mobile phone. Especially now that HP's name is not a luxury anymore.
Eh .. sudden fit would be used batery weak or low batt. Tiit .. tuutt ... There are many one-way or a way for your cell phone batteries lasting, level pengecasan or durable power of each within the meaning of his life time. There are some aspects of the way or tip for durable batteries. First pengecasan way, both ways of use, all three network factors. The following tips:
A. How Filling Factor
1. Make sure to use the charger from the mobile phone specification. Most easily select the original. And if you also buy the original or at least the original quality.
2. Do Pengecasan if the batery has completely discharged.
3. Do pengecasan until the batteries full and pengecasan indicator has stopped, then unplug. Do not let your HP in a state in charge during an alias to be left to sleep overnight.
4. No.3 Factors that's the most common factor, although in the HP and the batteries themselves are mounted voltage regulator. Once again it is a very fatal mistake.

B. Usage Factor
1. Use HP when needed. It is clear ..
2. Turn off vibrate or vibrate when the facility is not necessary
3. Turn off the ringtone volume or lowered as needed.
4. Turn off the Bluetooth and WiFi, use only when needed.
5. Change the setting time of ignition / light the lamp settings, contrast or LCD screen.

C. Network Factors
Well, if this one really depends on the network operator that we use. The weaker the network operator that we use the more it will drain the batery HP in catch signal operator.
Use the strongest network operators to use in your area ..
No more tips let Eiit batteries last longer .. batteries do not have to wear it .. Hehehe:-D

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