Computer Monitor Repair Tips

Computer repairs can be a drain on both your time and financial resources. Because of this, some computer users have taken it upon themselves to learn how to do some of these repairs themselves. Fewer people are willing to attempt to repair a monitor that is not functioning properly, but with some instruction they can perform basic monitor repair.

A great first rule of troubleshooting and repair is to try the easiest and most simple solutions first. For a monitor that does not turn on at all, check that you have power coming from the electrical outlet by plugging a device that you know operates correctly into the outlet. Inspect the power cord to make sure that the connections to the computer are secure, and also for damage such as signs that it is burnt out.If the monitor will turn on but has a poor or incorrectly adjusted picture, try simply resetting the monitor to the original factory settings. This can be done from the on-screen menu that is reached by pressing the buttons on the monitor itself. These seemingly obvious solutions are often overlooked. It seems to be human nature to assume that the problem is complicated, and thus many repairmen have been called out only to find that the device was just unplugged.

If the simplest of solutions was not the answer, take the next logical step and attempt diagnosis and repair that is something the average user can handle. There is no use tearing the monitor apart and trying your hand at working with the electrical components inside if you are not competent in the field. Try fixes that can be followed step by step, such as removing the monitor from a hardware profile and then re-installing it on the operating system to fix a distorted picture. Do this by right clicking on the "My Computer" icon and then choosing "Properties", the "Hardware" tab, and then the "Hardware Profiles" button.
Look to the resources section for common monitor issues and solutions that fall within the skill level of the average computer user.
It is also important to know when attempting to fix a monitor issue is out of your league.

A computer monitor that makes clicking or popping sounds, gives off startling flashes of bright light or gives off a burning smell, should be turned off immediately and not messed with by an amateur. Then you weigh the options of incurring the expense of professional repair vs. just buying a new monitor. Fortunately this is not usually the case, and you stand a good chance at repairing your monitor on your own.

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