How to Clean Dust From a Computer

Cleaning dusty computers and components is a sure-fire way of keeping your electronics in working order. Dust and debris can cut down the life of your electronics and cause internal damage to fans and motherboards that may be partially exposed. Removing this on a regular basis ensures that your Computer will run as it was intended.

1.Unplug all cords from your computer before beginning. Turn over your computer tower so that the face is flat on the floor. Spray the can of compressed air into the fan air slots on the rear of the tower to remove the dust inside.

2.Use a cotton swab to clean between the air slots for the fan by twisting, to remove the dust buildup. Use a new swab for each slot so that no dust is carried over from the last slot.

3.Wipe the computer monitor screen with the clean white cloth, and then work around to the sides and back to remove any debris. If there are speakers on your monitor, use the compressed air to clean the small holes surrounding the speakers to remove dust from within.

4.Wipe the tower down from top to bottom with the clean white cloth to remove any loose dust or debris that may collect from sitting. This will ensure that when your fan kicks on again, there is no dust sucked into the slots from the surrounding area.

5.Spray the compressed air into the spaces on your keyboard to remove any debris that is trapped behind the keys. This can be done while it is sitting in the flat position. Flip your mouse over so that the roller ball panel is exposed. Twist the small door for the roller ball counter clockwise to remove it, and flip the mouse over to release the ball. Spray the compressed air into the opening to remove any dirt. Use a cotton swab to remove any build up on the small rollers inside, and replace the ball and door.

Tips & Warnings
Laser mouse users cannot use the method above, as there is no roller ball to remove. Instead, you should use a clean cloth to wipe over the laser eye area to clean and dust your mouse.

Always unplug wires before beginning a cleaning regimen to make sure that the electronics are not a fire hazard, and can cause no harm.

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