How to Reset a V-Chip on an Emerson LCD TV

How to Reset a V-Chip on an Emerson LCD TV thumbnail Reset the V-chip on your television.

In order to block children from viewing inappropriate television programming on an Emerson TV, the V-chip can be activated. With the V-chip you can set a lock on different stations, requiring anyone who wants to view the television content to dial in a four digit pass code. However, there may come a time were you no longer need the V-chip settings on the Emerson TV, in which case you can reset the chip on the television.

1.Turn on the Emerson LCD television and press the "Menu" button on the TV's remote control.

2.Select "Settings," then choose the child protection option.

3.Dial in the four digit pass code you initially set up for the V-chip.

4.Choose "Reset" and press "OK." This will remove all of the current locks on the Emerson LCD television.

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