Using Window Disk Cleanup for Shadow Copies

If you’re a Windows user, here is one way to delete unused files so as to free your hard drive of space. This is also important to do after an update of your operating system. Each update creates “shadow copies” or backup snapshots which can take up a lot of space. What you will do is to click the Windows Start button at the bottom left corner. Choose “All Programs.” From the menu, selext “Accessories” and then “System Tools.” In the “System Tools” menu, click “Disk Cleanup.”

Choose the drive where you have your Windows installed. The default drive however is the “C” for most people. Choose “C” and click the button labeled “OK.” This might take a while as Windows is collecting data.

Click the tab labeled, “More Options.” Click the “Clean up” button of the “System Restore” section. A confirmation window will be displayed. Click “Yes.” This might take a few minutes so be patient.

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