Determine How Much Memory a Computer Needs

Whether you're in the market for a new Computer or seeking to upgrade your existing PC, determining how much memory your computer needs is vital. Too much memory can leave wasted space on your hard drive. Too little computer memory can overload your PC and cause it to operate sluggishly.

Determining Current Memory of Existing PC for Upgrade
1.Click the "Start" tab in your Windows operating system.

2.Select "Control Panel" from the list on the right.

3.Choose the "Performance and Maintenance" tool.

4.Click "See Basic Information About Your Computer."

5.View the specification on your computer's memory. Windows will show a "System Properties" box in which the "General" tab will be selected by default. Under the "Computer" heading, Windows will display your computer's memory.

6.Decide if this amount is enough to handle your current needs. If your computer runs slowly with its present memory, it's time for an upgrade. Most systems will allow you to add 1GB of memory to your hard drive.

Determining Needed Computer Memory for a New PC
1.Write down all the things for which you currently use your computer. Be realistic so you can have a sense of how much memory your new PC will need.

2.Decide what you may want to use your computer for in the future and make a list of programs you may want included with your PC.

3.Make a list of programs you may purchase separately and incorporate them when you assess how much computer memory you need.

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