Problems With Dell Computers

For those who have bought Dell Computer and experienced problems, there is nothing more frustrating than to find no fast solution to get the machine back to normal. Sometimes even tech-savvy owners are helpless, and these serious computer faults are best left to professionals to remedy. For many minor glitches, some of which are common to most computer brands, there are quick solutions that may be performed by the owners themselves. Take a look and see if your Dell computer glitch is one of those mentioned.

Dell, Inc. is a large multinational company engaged in development, manufacture, sale and support of personal computers and related items. The corporation is based in Round Rock, Texas, and employs about 80,000 in its main and branch facilities worldwide. Their products include desktop and laptop computers, software, servers, network switches, data storage items and peripherals. Dell also markets high-definition television made by other firms.
Next to Apple, Dell probably has the most admirable development curve in the history of computers. In 1984, Michael Dell started PCs Limited, the precursor to Dell, with only a thousand dollars. It intended to sell direct to end-users IBM PC-compatible personal computers, hoping to understand the consumer needs in order to tailor the business to them. Dell quit school later to work full time for his company when it received $300,000 in new capital from relatives.
In 1985, PCs Limited sold its first house-designed computer, the Turbo PC, with the 8MHz Intel 8088 as processor, custom-assembling each PC per customer options. The company sold over $73 million worth of computers and related items that year. Within three years, the name was changed to Dell, Inc., the company set up its first overseas operations (in Ireland), and its market capitalization jumped to $80 million via an initial public offering of its stocks.

Common Complaints
A common complaint of Dell computers are internal noise (like a small siren) that has been reported in laptops. It may be caused by a detached or faulty cooling fan, or some wires being hit by one. The proposed solution was first to determine if the fans start when the computer is switched on, or to open the computer cover and inspect the fans if they do not start up.
Another common complaint are computers not opening or refusing to stay open. If the computer does not switch on or switches off on its own after being opened, it may be caused by a faulty operating system, memory card or the motherboard. Replace each in turn (by borrowing the parts from a source, like a friend's computer) and see which solves the problem before buying a new one to save money.

Tips on Buying a Dell
If you need a rugged computer that can withstand rough handling, go for the Latitude series. It will not cost much over the Inspiron, but it should handle better. It is smaller, quieter and cooler too.
Upgrade your service status to "Level 2" or "Business Premium" if you depend on your computer for your business. The techs there are more experienced and knowledgeable.
Watch a newly-issued model for a month or so at the shop window. If it disappears, either it was recalled (due to bad design), or sold more quickly than expected. Ask the salespersons inside. It may still be for sale, the model is probably not be very good at any price, so don't buy it. (This of course applies to all makes and models of computers and other items.)

Poor Dell after-sales service appears to be a major cause of complaints, including lost laptops during transit (via courier companies), misunderstanding about temporary replacements, incorrect measures that worsened computer performance and others. Misunderstandings are thought to be results of Dell customer support being outsourced to India, possibly making communication with the customers more difficult.

Take advantage of your Limited 1-year Dell Warranty. As soon as you see signs that may impact the lifespan or functionality of your computer, contact Dell. If you should need to have your computer serviced, choose the option to take it to a local authorized service center. Should you need to send it off to a center, take down the tracking number and make sure it is correct by repeating it back to the service representative. Also purchase shipping insurance should your package get lost or damaged.

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