How to Fix a Headphone Computer Port

The headphone computer port on your system is controlled by the sound card in your computer. The sound card, in turn, is controlled by a software driver file loaded by the operating system. If your headphone jack stops working, it is likely the result of a corrupted or missing driver file. Reinstall the driver to regain full use of the headphone jack on your sound card. Instructions

1 Insert the installation disc supplied with your sound card in your optical drive.  

2 Click "Start," type "Device Manager" in the "Search" box, and press "Enter."  

3 Click the "Sounds" menu and select your sound card.  

4 Click "Driver," "Update," and click the drive containing the installation disc to reinstall the driver file.

 5 Remove the installation disc from the optical drive and reboot your computer to load the driver file for your sound card.

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