Analyzing Hp Power Supply Using

In the world of mobile technicians, there are other ways you can do to make the detection of damage to your phone by using a device called a DC Power Supply. DC power supply is extremely helpful to know the voltage generated by mobile phones in general in order to detect the damage and can also replace the function of the battery and battery charging. Please note that each different brand of cell phone - different Amphere generated, so must often use and record the results given amperage.

How to use DC power supply
Ø Turn on DC power supply by pressing the On switch
Ø Position the needle in the column voltage (V) at 3.6 to 4 volts (Under Voltage Battry)

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Ø red wire = positive
Cable Ø black = negative
Ø cable green / blue = Btemp (battery temperature)
Cable Ø yellow = BSI (Battery System information)...
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Ø Place the red wire to the positive connector on the mobile phone battery
Ø Place the black wire to the negative battery connector on your phone
Ø Then press the switch on the phone
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Ø Note the needle on Ampere column, what is produced? (via this column will be analyzed ampere damage, whether the cause software or hardware)

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