Overcoming Mobile Virus

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicKasus is new a trend nih .. Mobile Nokia Symbian, often send sms or mms own, drained the pulse again .. Sometimes "sms failed" merely .. tired deh .. And usually we can sms alert that the mobile phone operator is exposed to the virus, and no card will be blocked. There are simple tricks that we can do to address those issues. Especially if we are fitting broke, cancer (dry bag), the more so in times of crisis like the current crap. Dizzy .. Viruses are usually viruses Comwarrior, Guardian, there are also other viruses.Not have a headache .. This world is just fool around and joke (la'ibuw wa lahwu).While the country hereafter is better and everlasting (khoiru wa abqa).1. The first step is backup all your data, phonebook or image that is important, which mesum2 throw it.
2. If it's in the backup, remove the MMC or memory card from your HP, then press:* # 7370 #, and will show a confirmation that your phone will perform the initial setup or restart.Press "Yes" and then appeared again confirm the password the phone code. Love the standard telephone code is 12345.
Wait until you get back on the start menu. Mobile like new again, empty of all data.
If you forget your phone code .. or is instead press the * key, Send, 3 and on / off button simultaneously for 3-5 seconds. But remember do not let off the key fourth. Automatic display will appear 'Formatting'. Wait until finished.
3. But remember you still have viruses MMC also, do not insert the MMC into the phone first. Scan your MMC before, no need to use NORTON or McAfee, many do not to-detect. Because the problem is HP's most viruses the virus locally. Gak to-detect them.
Use the "Search" on windows only. More clean. How:- Click START, then select Search- Select All Files and folders- Click 'more advances options' and check all the options.- If you are looking for all files that have extensions exe, Vmx, sis, scr and MDL on your MMC. Just delete all the files have the extension.- Actually, not all the sis files are viruses, can also file an application. But if you can not distinguish, delete alone. Rather than bother thinking about.
- Dah right, free from viruses. Good luck. useful.

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