How to Fix Epson Printer T10 T11 T20 Blinking

In this session I will try to explain about the Epson printers that crashed T10 T11 T20 blinking, and visible light on printer flashing between red and green lights alternately (Blinking), it was a sign of your level waste ink is full and ask to reset.
Well to my friend who has a blinking printer need not worry because there is a practical software to reset the printer pal namely: Epson T11 reseter. This software might be for other types of Epson printers, and new writers trying to printers epson T10 T11 and T20.
To get Epson T11 software reseter please Download HERE

The steps for using it are:
1 Extract Files Using Winzip or Winrar
2 Double-click Loader.exe (Ingat!! Do not click AdjProg.exe) if not the program will not work.

3 Click Accept, and will look like the image below

4 Click Select To select the printer type, choose Auto Selection, or Select USBxxx (author select the Auto selection) Then Click OK

5 Click Particular adjustment mode

6 Find a writing pad Waste Ink Counter

7 Click OK and will appear as shown below

8 Click Check to check the Main Counter pad, wait a while, will come out number pad on the main counter and plate Pad.

9 Click the Initialization, wait a while because the software was reset waste ink you, turn off the printer when prompted, and then click Ok

10 Turn the printer back pal.
11 Click Finish, your printer has now been reset.
And see the results my friend printer is back to normal.

Warning: Resetlah Printer Epson T10 T20 T11 you now truly in an error condition (blink-blink)
Do not reset your Epson T10 T11 T20 while still in a state Normal!

Useful Hopefully .....

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