How do I Charge a Samsung X15 Battery?

Samsung is primarily known for manufacturing phones and televisions, but it also makes a line of laptop computers. These computers are no different from many modern laptops, even down to the way the battery operates. If you've recently purchased a Samsung X15 and don't know much about basic operation, you'll find that it's pretty easy to get started using your computer. The process of charging the battery so the computer will actually operate is fairly straightforward as well.

1.Turn off your Samsung laptop, close the LCD screen and locate the circular AC power port on the side of the computer.
2.Plug the large, two-pronged end of the included AC adapter into an active outlet near the laptop.
3.Run the other end of the AC adapter to the computer and plug the connector into the circular port in the side of the computer. A light on the adapter will appear, letting you know that the computer is charging.
4.Wait until the adapter light changes color. This indicates that the charge is complete. You can also charge the computer while it is turned on and view the progress in the battery indicator gauge on screen. However, this takes more time to charge your battery.

Tips & Warnings
Charging your laptop while it is turned off allows the battery to charge more quickly.

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