Troubleshooting: My Samsung Cell SCH-U340 Battery Will Not Stay Charged

A Samsung SCH-U340 is a flip-style cell phone. A rechargeable battery is used to power the device. The battery should be recharged as needed using a power adapter. If the power adapter doesn't charge the battery or the battery won't keep a charge, it's likely either the power adapter or the battery need to be replaced. Troubleshooting can help you determine what to replace.

1.Flip the phone over so the back is facing upward. Press the button above the battery to release the battery, while pulling the battery downward for removal.
2.Use a dry cloth to wipe away dust from the battery-housing unit and the both sides of the battery. If there is any buildup that cannot be easily wiped away, dampen a corner of the cloth and use that to wipe away the buildup.
3.Slide the battery back into the housing unit. Place the battery flat side down, with the contacts sliding upward into the housing unit first. Continue sliding the battery until it looks into place. The battery should be securely onto the back of the phone and should not be wobbly or move.
4.Insert the small end of the power adapter into the connector on the bottom of the cell phone.
5.Plug the other end of the adapter into an electrical outlet. The battery should now be charging. Open the phone and look in the upper right hand corner. The battery icon should change from a quarter-full battery, to a half-full battery, to a three-quarter-full battery to a full battery and then start over. If the battery icon is not moving, the battery is not charging. Attempt to plug the adapter into a different electrical outlet. If the phone is still not charging, the power cord needs to be replaced.
6.Continue the charging process until the battery is completely charged. The process should take about four hours. Remove the power adapter. If the battery still isn't charged or doesn't maintain a charge for an extended period of time, the battery needs to be replaced. Replace the battery only with a Samsung SCH-U340 battery.

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