How Long Do I Need to Initially Charge the Battery for a Nokia 2630?

Released in early 2009, the Nokia 2630 is a standard mobile phone with all the basic features, including Internet, email, text and multimedia messaging. This mobile device also has Bluetooth capabilities and features a built-in 4x digital zoom camera. A new Nokia 2630 comes with a battery, battery charger and user guide. Depending upon the service provider, a SIM card may accompany the device. After inserting the SIM, if applicable, battery and attaching the back cover, you should charge your battery immediately before using the device.

Initial Battery Charging
After opening your Nokia 2630 and inserting the battery and SIM, the battery must be charged for a continued, uninterrupted for 12 hours. This ensures a lasting charge for an out-of-box battery and will set the course for your battery life for the length of time you own the phone. Nokia recommends charging your battery for the complete 12 hours before powering on your Nokia 2630 for the first time to guarantee that your battery will hold a full charge for the estimated standby time of six hours or talk time of three hours. A good rule of thumb is to charge the battery overnight as you sleep and powering on the phone when you wake up in the morning.

Battery Issues
After charging your Nokia 2630 for the recommended 12 hours, power on your device and check your battery meter at the top right corner of the display screen. It should show a complete charge. If the battery meter is not showing a full charge, you may have a faulty battery. Nokia recommends charging the battery, with the phone powered on, for an addition two hours. After this time, check the battery meter again. If it still does not show a full charge or your battery is not getting the expected six-hour standby or three hours talk time, you may need to replace the battery.

Warranty Battery Replacement
If your battery is not meeting the Nokia standards for battery life, contact your service provider immediately to request a new battery. Within the first 12 months after purchasing the Nokia 2630, your phone, battery and charger are covered under a wireless warranty, allowing for free product replacement. Most service providers are reached by dialing "611" from your mobile phone. After verifying your account, explain what is wrong with your battery and request a replacement be shipped to you. The defective part must be returned after receiving your battery replacement.

Purchasing a Battery
If your Nokia 2630 is out of warranty, purchasing a replacement battery is your next option. Nokia batteries can be purchased through your wireless provider's sales department, directly through Nokia (see Resources) or by visiting store that sales Nokia wireless products. Prices vary depending upon where your purchase your battery but range between $20 and $30, excluding taxes and shipping fees, as of May 2011.

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