How to Connect a Ribbon Cable to a Plasma TV

Ribbon cables are wide strips of flexible plastic containing multiple electrical wires running parallel to each other. With advances in high definition television, more digital information must be processed to a plasma TV than traditional patch cords can handle. Ribbon cables solve this problem by bundling 40-80 electrical wires in a sturdy, flexible ribbon of plastic. Follow these steps to connect a ribbon cable to your plasma set.

1.Disconnect the electrical power to all equipment while connecting the ribbon cable.

2.Check the connector plug on the end of the ribbon cable to see whether any of the holes are sealed.

3.Match the plug to the connector pins on the TV, taking care to align the holes on the ribbon cable plug with the pins on the connection port on the back of your plasma TV.

4.Insert the connector plug on the ribbon cable straight into the port on the plasma TV. Do not bend or insert the plug at any angle, or you could break off a pin, damage the ribbon cable connector plug, or both.

5.Restore power and test the operation of your plasma TV.

Tips & Warnings
If any of the connecting pins are bent, carefully straighten them with tweezers or needle nose pliers. Apply gentle pressure, as the pins break easily.

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