How to Clean the Monitor to Your Desk Top or Lap Top Computer

A quick guide to cleaning the computer screen of your desktop or Laptop computer.

1.Use a dry soft cloth to clean the LCD monitors of your desk top or lap top computer. Be sure to not use a cloth that has loose threads that can fall into the crevices of the keys as you wipe the screen free of dust and stains.

2.Do not use water or alcohol when cleaning any part of your computer especially the keys. Water damage will harm the delicate mother board and will make your computer inoperative.

3.Use a can of dry air that can be purchased at any office supply store. The long thin spout blow out clean clear air with a press of a button on the can. On your computer, spray with the long spout between the keys where dust may have accumulated and can cause the key to stick. Make sure that the computer is not connected to any electrical device and make sure that the computer is off before cleaning.

Tips & Warnings
Do not ever use water around the perimeters of your computer. Do not drink sodas or beverages around the computer or harm could be done to the motherboard and your computer would be inoperative.

Do not use alcohol to clean your computer as liquids and the keys on the computer that houses delicate circuitry could be harmed or damaged.

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