How to Clean a Computer Monitor with Furniture Oil

Computer monitors and equipment have a tendency to become dusty. Even when you dust regularly, the dust seems to reappear overnight. With a little creativity and some supplies from home you can keep the dust at bay for a little longer. While there are many products on the market intended for cleaning dust from your computer monitor, you can use furniture polish to remove the dust and keep it from returning as quickly.

1.Pour a large, coin-sized amount of furniture polish oil onto a clean, soft cloth. Allow the furniture oil to soak into the cloth for a few minutes so it's not sitting on the surface.

2.Wipe down the back, sides and bottom of your computer monitor with the furniture oil. Get into as many crevices as possible so the oil comes in contact with the monitor's surface.

3.Buff the sides, back and bottom with a clean, dry cloth to remove any excess furniture oil.

4.Pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol onto an unused dryer sheet. Use the dryer sheet and rubbing alcohol combination to clean the computer monitor screen. Allow the rubbing alcohol to evaporate and air dry from the computer screen.

Tips & Warnings
Substitute undiluted liquid fabric softener for the furniture oil, if needed.
Overuse of furniture oil on your computer monitor will leave a greasy film and can seep into the interior of the monitor. Follow the "less is more" rule and clean your monitor with furniture oil no more then once a month.

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