What Is a Blackberry Pin Message?

A BlackBerry PIN message is akin to AOL Instant Messenger, Google Chat or Yahoo Chat. It is a real-time, two-way conversation that takes place between two people using BlackBerry smartphones.

BlackBerry PIN
Each BlackBerry has a unique PIN, consisting of letters, numbers or both. To find the PIN, navigate to Options, then Status.

Sharing Your PIN
Write down the PIN, or press the BlackBerry button and choose "Copy" from the menu. You may send your PIN via text message, email, or BlackBerry messenger, if you know the receiver's PIN.

Adding a Contact
You may add a contact from your phone book by opening BlackBerry Messenger, pressing the BlackBerry button, and selecting Add a Contact. Contacts are automatically added if you receive a PIN message.

Starting a Conversation
Select a contact and press the BlackBerry button. Select the "Start a Conversation" option.

Real Time
Once the conversation is started, one party can see that the other is typing, and the first receives the message immediately after the second sends it.

Why Use BlackBerry PIN
Many phone plans come with limits on text messaging, and people are not always able to speak on the phone. Using the PIN is free, and its real-time nature is frequently more convenient than text messaging or email.

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