How to Use a BlackBerry As a Modem for the Dell Inspiron PC

How to Use a Blackberry As a Modem for the Dell Inspiron PCthumbnail A USB cable is included with the Blackberry's original packaging.

Tethering your BlackBerry to your Dell Inspiron personal computer allows you to use the phone's data to establish an Internet connection. When your phone is tethered, or used as a modem, you can access the Internet on your PC with speeds that are comparable to dial-up. Tethering gives you the freedom to access the Internet from any location within your mobile carrier's network. Depending on your mobile carrier, a phone-as-modem plan is required to use the Blackberry as a modem.

1.Download and install Blackberry Desktop Software for PC on your Dell Inspiron. The program is available to download from the BlackBerry website. An installation wizard will guide you through setting up the program on your computer.

2.Connect your BlackBerry to the Dell Inspiron using a USB cable. Wait for Desktop Software to recognize your phone.

3.Click "Tools" to access the program's menu. Click "Mobile Internet Settings." Select your mobile provider from the "Profile" drop-down menu.

4.Click "Tools" and select "Start Mobile Internet" to use your Blackberry as a modem. Click "Connect" and a connection will be established.

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