Password Protect a Message on a BlackBerry 9000

With so much private information downloading, uploading and being sent to and from your Blackberry Bold 9000, you may want to protect your information. If you're looking to keep prying eyes away from your personal Bold messages, you can do so in a few different ways. You can choose a password to protect your phone, which helps prevent anyone from unlocking it and seeing your messages. You can also choose to hide your saved and sent messages through your SMS/email options. You can also download Blackberry password protection from App World.

Password Protect BlackBerry
1.Click the "Wrench" icon from your Blackberry Bold Home screen to open your Options.
2.Click "Password."
3.Click "Disabled" next to "Password" at the top of the screen. Click "Enable" to turn on password protection.
4.Click the "Exit/Go Back" button and type your desired password into the password dialog box. Click "Save," and exit.
5.Click the "Lock" icon from your BlackBerry Bold Home screen to password lock your phone. In order for someone to unlock your phone and view messages, he will need your password.

Hide BlackBerry Messages
1.Click "Messages" from your BlackBerry Bold Home screen.
2.Press the "BlackBerry" button to open your Messages Options screen.
3.Click "General Options."
4.Click "No" next to "Hide File Messages" to open a drop box. Click "Yes" to hide your filed messages.
5.Click "No" next to "Hide Sent Messages" to open the drop box. Click "Yes" to hide your sent messages.

Password Protect Apps
1.Click "BlackBerry App World" from your BlackBerry Bold Home screen.
2.Click the "Magnifying Glass/Search" icon from your App World screen.
3.Type "Password Protect Messages" into search box and click "Enter."
4.Click on any password-protection app that you'd like to download. There are several and not all apps are free.
5.Click "Download" on the app that you intend to purchase. Allow several minutes for the app to completely download. Restart your phone when complete. Open the password-protection app that you purchased from your Bold Home screen. Follow the on-screen instructions to protect your messages.

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