Charger Problems With a Dell Inspiron E1505 Laptop

Your Dell E1505 Inspiron laptop comes with either a six- or nine-cell battery that ideally should last several years, depending on usage. If you're struggling with recharging the battery, one of the most common causes is simply that the battery requires replacement because of extended use. Other common problems relate to the power cord or the laptop's power connector. You can correct the former, but the latter requires professional repair.
Battery Problems
First check to see whether your battery has gone bad and requires replacement. This is an especially common cause of batteries that never seem to charge or that lose their charge too quickly. Under light use with a larger, fully charged nine-cell battery, you should be able to use your laptop for four to five hours. Check the battery's health by pressing its status button for at least three seconds. This button is on the underside of your computer, near the center of the laptop close to the front, where the keyboard is. If no lights turn on, the battery's health is good. Any lights you see indicate battery degradation, and if you see five lights, you should replace the battery because it's no longer working properly. If you see a light flash orange, the battery is defective and requires replacing; contact Dell online (see Resources) or by calling 800-624-9897.

 Power Supply
If you're unable to charge your computer at all and it isn't receiving power when it's plugged in, the problem is most likely with your power supply. Check whether your computer is receiving power by plugging it in and looking in the system tray in the lower-right corner of the screen; you should see a power cord icon. If you don't see it, the outlet might have no power. Test the outlet by plugging something else into it or moving to another outlet. If the outlet is working, the cord or laptop power connector is probably faulty. Test the power cord by using a compatible replacement, which you could order online or perhaps find in a computer repair store, although you must choose a cord specifically intended for use with the E1505. If you still can't get a charge, the power connector is most likely faulty, and your laptop needs professional repair.  

Professional Repair
If you are still experiencing charging problems even though the battery and cord are apparently working properly, the laptop may require professional servicing. If your laptop is still under warranty, contact the retailer you purchased it from to inquire about repair or replacement options to fix the problem. Otherwise, contact Dell Expired Warranty support online (see Resources) or by calling 800-288-4410.  

Good Practices
If your battery seems to die more quickly than you expect even though its status light indicates no problems, you might be draining it too quickly by using battery-demanding practices. Improve battery life by avoiding the use of USB devices and the computer's CD and DVD drive. You can also reduce battery drain by not using media-intense software such as playing video games or watching movies. Listening to audio over the speakers also drains the battery. If you keep the screen bright, the battery will run out more quickly. Adjust the brightness by pressing and holding the "Fn" key, which is right next to the Windows key, and pressing the up and down directional arrow keys.

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