How to Connect an HP DV9000 to a TV

HP's DV9000 is a laptop computer originally released by the company in 2006. Among the device's features is a special "S-video" jack, located on the left side of the computer, to the left of the external monitor port. With the correct cable, users can use this port to connect the DV9000 directly to a television. This feature has a number of applications, from displaying business presentations to watching movies via the computer's DVD player.  

1 Shut down the laptop. Disconnect any cables currently connected to the laptop's external monitor port or S-video jack. Plug the S-video cable into the S-video jack.

 2 Plug the remaining end of the S-video cable into the matching jack on your television. Turn on the computer and log in. Turn on the television. Tune the television to the channel that corresponds to the S-video input.  

3 Press the "fn" and "f4" keys simultaneously to shift the laptop's display over to the television. Click on the "Start" menu. Select the option labeled "Control Panel." Open the control panel labeled "Appearance and Personalization."  

4 Select the option labeled "Personalization," then click on the option labeled display settings. Adjust the various display settings as desired.  

Tips & Warnings Disabling the laptop's main display can help to prolong battery life. The laptop also features an HDMI port, for use with newer televisions equipped with a similar port; this will require use of an HDMI-to-HDMI cable. To play the laptop's audio through the television's speakers, connect the computer's headphones jack to the television's audio input jack; this may require the use of a headphones-to-RCA adapter.

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