Blackberry 8100 Tips

The Blackberry Pearl (8100) is the sleekest and most compact Blackberry device on the market. Despite its size, it is abundant in features, applications and memory. The Pearl allows its users to quickly access family, friends, and business associates through a reliable wireless network. While Blackberry's official website provides new users with cosmetic and hardware specifications, there are a number of tips that can make using the Blackberry 8100 easier and more convenient.

How to Avoid Blackberry "Screen Freeze" and Increase Speed
One of the biggest issues with the Blackberry 8100 is that it tends to freeze. This device has two types of memory, consisting of internal and external memories. A "Micro-SD" card is associated with the external memory. If your device does not have a MSD card you may want to consider purchasing one from your carrier. Many complain about the issue of freezing when taking pictures, often finding that their internal memory is full. Transfer pictures and other data to your external memory to avoid freezing and increase the overall functionality of your device.

How to Preseve Battery Life and Talk Time
There are several ways to preserve the battery life of the Blackberry 8100. First, adjust the brightness on your phone from the default (which is 100) to about 10. At level 10, all applications and settings are still visible, but you'll be using less battery. Secondly, close all applications and special settings that are not in use. For example, turning off your Bluetooth radio and GPS can preserve battery life. Lastly, select network settings and change your network technology from "global" to "IXEV."

Don't Ignore the Set-Up Wizard
While many users choose to bypass the set-up wizard, it contains a "tips" section. These tips can be very beneficial to new Blackberry smart phone users. Learn how typing works, how to import contacts, how to personalize your device and perform shortcuts. You can access the set-up wizard on the applications screen of the 8100.

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