Blackberry Pearl 8100 Tips

The BlackBerry Pearl 8100 series smart phones combine style with function. Despite the condensed keypad, they have most of the same powerful features as their full QWERTY cousins. Here are a few useful tips for navigating on the Blackberry Pearl 8100's condensed keypad and screen.

Auto Text
Auto Text is a useful feature for BlackBerry power users, no matter the BlackBerry model. If you want a macro for frequently used text on your BlackBerry, input a string of infrequently-used characters into the Auto Text application to replace a long string of text with a short one. Those using condensed keypads along with SureType technology may find that it is particularly useful for quickly entering routinely-used text.
To add new macros, go to "Options" and then "AutoText." Press the menu key that is to the immediate left of the trackball and select "New." Enter the text you want to replace and what you want to replace it with. Choose the case and save your changes.
Certain macros are preset. (You can always delete or edit these, if you would like.) Type "mypin" to quickly insert your BlackBerry PIN number in an e-mail, text message or instant message. Type "mynumber" to do the same with your device's phone number. To insert the date, type "LD." Type "LT" for the time. Type "myver" for the preset macro for entering your model number and OS version.

Copy and Paste
You can copy and paste text by highlighting the selected text and using the menu key that is to the immediate left of the trackball to choose "copy" or "paste." You can also use these shortcuts:
To copy selected text, press the "Alt" key and click the trackball.
To paste selected text, position the cursor to the spot that you would like to paste it to and press "Shift" key and while clicking the trackball.

Press "X" to view a thumbnail version of a web page when using the built-in browser. This is helpful because it gives a clear overview of the page and makes it easier to spot portions of the Web site that you might want to zoom in on for a closer look. Pressing any key will return you to a normal view.
Press the "?" key (question mark) to add a bookmark on a web page. Press "5" to open the bookmarks list on a Web site. Press the "Escape" key (to the right of the trackball) to stop loading a web page.

Navigating Screens
Press" 7" to move to bottom of the screen. Press "1" to move to the top of screen.

Phone Tips
Press the "OP" letter key to turn the speakerphone on or off while on a call. You can increase or decrease the volume during a phone call by using the "Volume Up" and "Volume Down" keys on the right side of the phone.

While using the camera application, roll the trackball up to zoom in. Alternatively, you can press the "Volume Up" key on the right side of the phone. Roll the trackball down to zoom out. Alternatively, you can press the "Volume Down" key on the right side of the phone.

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