How to Change the LED Color on a BlackBerry Pearl 8100

Many BlackBerry users install personalized ring tones or wallpapers on their handsets. If you own a BlackBerry 8100 (better known as a BlackBerry Pearl), you can personalize your handset even further by downloading a free program called Color Pearl. This BlackBerry application will allow you to change the LED color when your handset flashes you. Instead of the green, red or yellow lights that indicate your BlackBerry Pearl status, you have the option to choose your favorite color or one that goes with your personality.

1.Download Color Pearl to your computer from the Internet. Remember the location of the downloaded Zip file. Find the downloaded Zip file. Right click and choose "Extract all" to create a decompressed version of the Color Pearl folder.

2.Turn on your BlackBerry Pearl. Connect the phone to your computer through the USB port with the USB cable that came in the original packaging with your BlackBerry. Go to Start>All Programs>BlackBerry>Desktop Manager on your computer if the BlackBerry Desktop Manager doesn't start up automatically when you connect the BlackBerry 8100.

3.Click "Application Loader" on the front page of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Choose the Add/Remove Programs options. Click "Browse" to choose the Color Pearl folder program you downloaded in Step 1. Click "OK" to confirm your choice and click "Next" to begin the installation process.

4.Disconnect your BlackBerry Pearl when you receive a pop-up message from the BlackBerry Desktop Manager saying the Color Pearl installation is complete. Press the menu key on your BlackBerry to access the applications page list. Click "Options" and then click "Color Pearl." Select the LED color you desire and click "Enable."

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