How to Change the Color on a Blackberry 8110 Trackball

The Blackberry 8110, or the Blackberry Pearl, can easily be identified by the white, luminescent trackball located in the center of it. This trackball is used for scrolling through menus and navigating various phone applications. To give your Blackberry 8110 a unique, customized look, change the color of the trackball.

1.Download the free program that enables you to change the color of the trackball (see Resources).

2.Install the program onto your computer once it has downloaded. Save the program to your desktop. Double-click on the desktop icon and follow the simple directions to install the program.

3.Connect your Blackberry 8110 to your computer with the USB cord that came with the phone. Open the Blackberry's "Desktop Manager" on the computer and find the "ColorPearl" application. Add it to your Blackberry.

4.Go to your Blackberry's "Options" menu and open the "ColorPearl" folder. There will be a list of colors to choose from. Select the color you want for your trackball. The color can be changed at any time.

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