How to upgrade your blackberry pearl 8100 OS software

Occasionally RIM releases a Operating System software update for Blackberries. This article will help you update your 8100 Pearl OS.

1.If you have not previously installed the Blackberry Desktop Manager software you will need to do that first. You can find that software here:
That is pretty straightforward, you download it and then run the installer. This software allows you to interact with your Blackberry via your computer for syncing, backup and data transfer.
Once you have installed the Desktop Manager software, launch it and use it to create a back up of your data.

2.Back up your data, applications and media to a folder on your computer. Be sure to back up everything on your media card as well.

Download the upgrade file for your operating system:
After the download finishes, install it on your desktop.

3.Locate the vendor.xml file and delete it. It is located at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research in Motion\Apploader.
Launch the Desktop Manager and then plug in your Blackberry. You will be prompted to upgrade or the upgrade will begin on it's own. Dpending on how much data you have this process could take 1 hour or 4 hours like mine did. (I have a lot of music on my BB)
Expect to see the hourglass for periods of time and expect the BB to reboot itself a couple of times. Be patient and don't interrupt the process.
If you encounter problems or have questions check here:

Tips & Warnings
Visit a Blackberry forum to read about potential snags in the upgrade process.
There are known issues with Tmobile users and this upgrade
ALWAYS back up your data!
I am not responsible for any problems you encounter during this process

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