How to Conserve the Battery on a BlackBerry Curve

The battery on your BlackBerry Curve starts out lasting a decent amount of time. However, after countless charging and depletion cycles, the battery's life can be severely diminished. A number of extraneous features on the Curve you can rein in to save a little power and let your BlackBerry device last a little longer. If you need you battery to last a really long time, there are even a few drastic ways to keep some power in the battery.

1.Turn off any unused connectivity networks. You can access these networks by selecting the connections area at the top of the Curve's home screen. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even your mobile network will drain the battery while they are running. Simply select a network to remove the check next to it and turn it off.

2.Set the BlackBerry to automatically turn itself off for a certain period of the day. You can find this setting under the "Device" sub-menu in the "Options" menu. This is generally set to cover the hours when you are sleeping, but you can set it for any time that you know you won't be using the device. While it is off, the BlackBerry will only use a trickle of battery power to run the clock so that it knows when to turn itself back on.

3.Adjust your screen settings. You can find these under the "Display" sub-menu in the "Options" menu. Lower the backlight brightness to use less power while the backlight is working, and then lower the backlight timeout to automatically turn the backlight off faster when the device isn't being used.

4.Close applications when you are done with them. If you press the "End" button to go back to the home screen, the application continues to run and drain your battery. Press the "BlackBerry" key while in the application and choose "Close" to end the process.

5.Adjust your notification settings. You can select the speaker icon on the home screen and choose the "Silent" profile, or you can choose to change the individual ring tones for your selected profile. Turn off any vibrating notifications and choose short ring tones to limit the amount of power the Curve will drain when you get a call or message.

6.Avoid using applications that require a lot of processing power or LCD uptime. This includes playing games, watching movies, taking pictures and browsing through images.

7.Clean the battery contacts once every three months. Dirt and grime can build up on the contacts over time, impeding the flow of electricity and causing a power loss. Use a dry cotton swab to scrub down the contacts on the Curve battery as well as the metal battery pins on the Curve itself.

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