Create Applications for the Blackberry

A product of the Canadian design firm Research in Motion, the Blackberry mobile device combines a wireless Internet platform and a media player. Applications, or "apps," are software programs that enable specialized functions, such as listening to the radio or balancing a checking account. When it was originally introduced, the Blackberry was marketed as an email platform, and, though it is more versatile than that, that is a major appeal for Blackberry owners in the business sector.

1.Review the applications that are available at the Blackberry App World. Research the feedback that the app receives on message boards and discussion threads.

2.Conceptualize your app. Successful applications usually combine the interests of with a novel design. An intuitive, easy-to-learn format will also go over well with Blackberry users.

3.Write the code for your application. All Blackberry applications are written in the Java programming language, so if you choose to write your own code you will need to learn it. There are a number of books on Java, as well as Web tutorials and live classes available.

4.Test drive your app on a Blackberry. Debug the app code. Make sure that even less tech-savvy people find the design easy to understand.

5.Upload your app to the Blackberry Developer Zone. The Zone Web master will review your submission and contact you if there are any problems with the concept or the design.

6.Monitor feedback on your app, once the app is released. Encourage review sites, message boards, and discussion threads to review your app. All publicity is good publicity.

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