How to Disable the Lock Function on the BlackBerry 8700g

BlackBerry's 8700g smartphone, part of the 8700 series, was released in 2006 for T-Mobile customers. You can use the device for organization and business tasks, providing access to important documents, email and a full keyboard. As with any device used to store sensitive data, you may have set a password to keep your 8700g from being used by others. If so, you will need to re-enter this password to disable the lock function on the 8700g. You can also permanently disable this feature by making a few changes to the phone's settings.

Unlock the 8700g with the Password
1.Press the "Power" button on the top left side of the phone to turn on the 8700g.

2.Enter your password when you are asked for it. The password may be made up of letters or numbers.

3.Press the "Enter" key, located on the bottom right side of the 8700g's keyboard. The lock function is turned off. To stop using a password on the 8700g, navigate to the phone's "Options" menu, and then click "Security." Under "Password," click "Disabled."

Disable Password Function on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server
1.Download and install the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software, if you do not yet have it (see Resources). This software also came with your BlackBerry on a CD.

2.Click "Start," "Internet Explorer." Download the "policy.bin" file (see Resources). Save it to "C:\Program Files\Research in Motion\BlackBerry." On the 8700g, press "Options," "Security" and "Wipe." If you cannot perform this operation, download the latest handheld software and Desktop Manager software (see Resources).

3.Close the Desktop Manager application, if it's running. Click "Start," "Run," and type "regedit" in the box that appears; hit "Enter." In the menu on the left, locate and click "HKEY_Current_Users\Software\Research In Motion\Blackberry\PolicyManager."

4.Right click on the "Policy Manager" folder, and click "New/String Value." Name this new value "Path." Double click the "Path" entry, and type "C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\policy.bin" in the "Value Data" field.

5.Double-click the Desktop Manager application. Plug one end of the 8700g cable into the phone and the other end into a port on the computer. The 8700g undergoes a verification process. After the process is completed, navigate to the "Options" screen on the phone, and click "Security." You may now click "Password" and set it to "Disabled."

Tips & Warnings
You may have to contact BlackBerry customer support if you cannot remember your password. BlackBerry can reset your 8700g for you.

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