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Haloo Buddy, this time I will discuss the old post about "How to Post HTML Code". Perhaps my friend already knew, but I'm sure there are bloggers who do not know. To post html code, then before the post html code should be in the phrase first. Suppose we would our banner so people could copy and put our banner on his blog. Uh .... when posting code that appears not, but the picture bannernya. Well .... Therefore the html code should be in the phrase before in the post. How to post html code this time slightly different from the previous tutorial. If previously we had to open another website in order to memphrase html code, now we can do this blog. Easy, quick and no hassle tantunya .... Is my friend interested?

The features on bloggers provide better and varied. Actually post edit bloggers can also be used to phrase the html code, but less efficient and somewhat troublesome. Therefore, better tools to use html code phrase on this blog:

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You can just enter the html code, then Klin words "Convert ", Done ........
Hopefully useful....

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