How to Enrol Blog on Technorati

Jallu74 blog this blog is currently enrolled in regular Technorati. directory site, by registering in directories such as this, of course, will get a backlink from that site, also hoping to get visitors from the community of bloggers who joined Technorati.Untuk claim ownership of this blog , Jallu74 blogs are asked to make a post that contains the code: 3AHSRYYZUQK8. In order to Technorati parties can check the code (crawling) and then claim ownership of this blog is true, after finding the code in question. how to register at technorati would be very strange if I publish an article containing only the words "3AHSRYYZUQK8" only, hehe ... Therefore, it might as well make a post how to register on Technorati, anyway in this post there are also requested by the Technorati code to process claims blog.
If my friend interested to register their blogs on Technorati, the following steps in short:
First create an account at Technorati by clicking the Join menu on the right top, and fill out the form provided technorati profile, do not forget to check the dialog box "I agree to abide by technorati's privacy policy and terms of use", then click join.
Next you will be asked to confirm your account via email, to open your email here. In the inbox contained an email from technorati to open the email and click the link provided.
By clicking the link you will be redirected back to site technorati. Signing up as an account that you created earlier, and immediately click on your username.
On the page My profile complete the form, or go directly to the box "start a blog claims" in the box under my profile image. fill in the full url site / blog and click claim. A few moments later will show a thumbnail of your site.
Continue by pressing the Claim Check. Until this step is of course our site has not been verified and declared Claim Token given number, which is a code that must be my friend publish on posting.Contohnya yes it was, asked to publish a blog Jallu74 3AHSRYYZUQK8 code.
Log into your account or your blog site, make a post that contains the token code provided technorati and immediately publish or publish.
Back to Technorati account, do the Claim Check. If successful will display a message (We have successfully crawled your blog and found the claim token, and your claim is now Awaiting review), thus verifying the token technorati step was successful and stayed pending review of the Technorati

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