Solutions to Blurred Computer Images

Computer images may be out of focus for a number of reasons. The screen resolution might be set too low, not displaying images at their sharpest. The image may have a low resolution and need to be viewed at a smaller size. CRT monitors may become fuzzy and need degaussing. Graphics cards may be out of date or incompatible with the other software or operating system of the computer. Or browsers may be resizing images unsuccessfully.

Screen Resolution
Screen resolution can have a large impact on image quality. If your screen is set to a low resolution, it will make the icons and pictures appear larger, but image quality will be sacrificed. For the best image quality, set your screen to the highest resolution possible. This will result in smaller but sharper images and text. To check screen resolution, right-click on the desktop and go to "Personalize display settings."
Image Quality
Image quality can vary greatly. The resolution of an image determines how large it can be displayed and still be clear and sharp. Images with lower resolutions when enlarged will appear blurry. Resolution refers to pixels per inch. The smaller the number of pixels, the lower the resolution. For example, a photo with a resolution of 300 pixels by 300 pixels is going to be much smaller in its clearest size than a photo with a resolution of 2,700 pixels by 3,600 pixels.

Monitor Resolution
Different types of monitors are capable of displaying different qualities of photos. A CRT monitor will be fuzzier than an LCD monitor in most cases. And the native resolution of the screen also affects image quality. Not all computers are created equally. A cheaper LCD screen with a lower native resolution will not look as sharp as a more expensive HD monitor with a higher native resolution. Also check in your browser window that the zoom is set to 100 percent. Larger zooms can make Web images appear blurry.

Graphics Cards and Drivers
An out-of-date graphics card or driver also can affect the ability to view images. Check for the latest driver versions in the device manager. Right-click on the display adapter and click check for driver updates. Consult with the driver manufacturer or device manual to make sure that your graphics card is compatible with the operating system of your computer. For factory-installed graphics cards and operating systems, compatibility should not be an issue, but drivers may need to be updated.

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